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21-03-2019 : Quote of the day

Personally, I’d prefer my money to be working for me rather than for me to be working for money. Thomas Brach

20-03-2019 : Question asked on the website

What should the rate that a parent company charge to its subsidiary for a shareholder loan it would grant to it over a medium-term period?” A shareholder loan should be allocated at a rate of interest similar to that which a bank would grant over the same period and the same duration plus a certain margin. This additional margin compensates for the fact that unlike a conventional lender who, in case of difficulty of the subsidiary, may not hesitate to force a bankruptcy to recover his due, a mother company will not do that with its subsidiary. In a way, the shareholder loan is de facto subordinated to the repayment of the loans to the other borrowers who will often ask that this be registered in one way or another. Have a nice day


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