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11-10-2018 : Quote of the day

No matter how skillful the trading scheme, over the long-haul abnormal returns are sustained only through abnormal exposure to risk. 
Alan Greenspan

10-10-2018 : Question of a reader

Could you explain how to calculate the logarithmic returns of a share portfolio and provide an example?   Assume you have the following share prices: 100 ; 105 ; 110 ; 105 ; 120 ; 125. You transform them by taking their log: 4.605; 4.654 ; 4.700; 4.654; 4.787; 4.828. And then you calculate the returns by the differences of these figures: 4.654 – 4.605 = 0.05, ie 5%; then 4.700 – 4.654 = 0.046; - 0.046; 0.133; 0.041. Then if you wish, you can calculate the average, the standard difference for this series of returns. Have a nice day  


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