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17-10-2017 : How long has PwC audited the accounts of Goldman Sachs?

  For 91 years, since 1926, sic. Certainly it can be assumed that it is no longer with the same members of PwC. . . As for Wells Fargo, it has been 86 years since it was faithful to KPMG (since 1931), a recent auditor of Citigroup, for only 48 years (1969). Deloitte is a bit new to Morgan Stanley (20 years since 1997). This could change under influence. . . of European regulations which impose a change every 20 years and to open the auditors' mandate to competition at least every 10 years. This is rather healthy, at least in principle, to have an outside look that changes regularly and a competition that can play truly. The most virtuous countries in governance are not always those who claim to be. Have a nice day  

16-10-2017 : Report sine die of the Aramco IPO?

  This is what the Financial Times thinks and it is not a huge surprise. Which investor, in a pure financial logic, would like to become shareholder of a group with a small free float (5 to 10%), alongside an undemocratic state with decision-making processes at least opaque and with a monstrous conflict of interest because of the oil tax, by far the first resource of Arabia? Not to mention a sector which, due to the energy transition, may have to leave a significant part of its assets in the ground forever. Last but not least, the difficulty of carrying out a process of making Aramco a truly independent public company offering normal guarantees of internal governance and reporting at a point in the stock market cycle of which we take no great risk to say that it is more close to its end than its beginning. Have a nice day.  


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